I'm a systems engineer, cryptographer, AI researcher, photographer, enjoyer of complex systems, physics, information theory, and more. My primary interests at the moment are zero-knowledge arguments of knowledge1, and privacy technology2 generally, as well as artificial intelligence, in particular transformers and multimodal models, and XR/AR.

Some things I've previously worked on include

  • imaging science

I dropped out of high school to work on a startup called Mimir Physics. We3 built a highly color-accurate imaging spectrometer that was trialed for use in various commercial imaging, archival, and process control applications. I led the software engineering effort that included developing custom firmware for a cooled CCD sensor as well as custom image processing software that synthesized color images in real-time from 15 narrow bandpass filters. The system used rudimentary computer vision; object recognition and phase correlation.

In addition to imaging spectrometry, I also assisted in developing superresolution software based on sub-pixel shifting and deconvolution4, as well as an algorithm for increasing contrast by simulating optical characteristics.

  • decentralized systems

I joined Nebulous Labs in 2016, to work on Sia, contributing to its codebase and technological design that uses erasure coding, encryption, and economic mechanism design to store data on untrusted hosts.

  • cryptographic engineering and systems security

I have long had an interest and passion for systems security and engineering. In 2018 I joined NCC Group. As a principal security consultant in NCC Group's cryptography services practice, I contributed to and led numerous complex cryptographic analysis engagements for a variety of clients including large technology companies and small startups, helping ensure high assurance cryptographic designs and implementations. Techniques I used included formal analysis using SMT solving, as well as dynamic analysis with fuzzing, genetic algorithms, and cryptanalysis. The group's public research is available here.

I'm now a core engineer helping build out penumbra, a privacy-focused decentralized coordination system. I'm focused on building out interchain communication as well as the design for threshold partially-homomorphic encryption, and more.